Broderie Anglaise or English embroidery techniques

Broderie anglaise (French: “English embroidery”) is one of the most delicate and elegant needlework techniques. Whitework embroidery has developed historically in many countries i.e. mstyerskaya glad in Russia, mountmellick in Ireland, broderie anglaise in England, hardanger in Norway, chikankari in India. The main fabric for white embroidery was often linen. The whitework embroidery for women’s […]

Linen dresses design defines everything

Linit linen design belongs to a “smart” fashion where every element is thought through to the smallest detail. How do we do this? To create a perfect dress silhouette our designers work out proportions more thoroughly. Each model at production is tried on a particular woman. Flawless comfort is achieved due to precisely verified lines […]

Stone washed linen clothes

THE PHENOMENON OF STONE WASHED LINEN CLOTHES Linen clothing meets the requirements of women all over the world and of different age. The first thing our customers say when they put on a new linen dress is that “I do not want to take it off!” There are positive changes in a woman, she likes […]

New pajama style outfits

Linen fashion: Pajama Style It is very difficult to mistake a pajama style for another style as it features a loose cut that does not hinder movements, natural but not transparent fabrics and a geometric print. We have taken care of the cute representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and created a new line of […]

Fall-Winter Color palette 2017-2018

Fashion red color palette: Grenadine Red is not only the most exhilarating color but also the most trendy one in this fall-winter season. Scarlet dress Elma in Italian milled wool looks even more luxurious due to the ruffles and an applique. Fashion blue color palette: Marina One of the brightest and purest colors of the […]

Eclipsing the sun. Beauty and Maxi dresses

Fashion for femininity and the length of “maxi” did not go anywhere. In this season, designers again offer dresses… a lot of dresses. Choose long dresses with wide skirts and eclipse the sun. Linen Maxi dresses from Linit are: freshness of natural flax unique design embroidery richelieu natural lace You can wear them in different ways, Linit offers […]

Expensive simplicity of striped linen clothes

Do you like being in the center of attention? You should choose complex color combinations and simple lines. A new Italian collection is based on the usage of three companion fabrics. Attractive transition from one color to another and a dynamic rhythm of the stripe from narrow gaps to broader ones make the silhouette look […]

About Linit

Our seamstresses have great skill and experience in working with high quality linen fabric. Our designers stay on top of the latest trends in fashion and home accessory design while keeping one foot rooted in tradition. This, along with modern equipment, allows us to create linen clothing, linen bedding and household linen accessories for every […]

Denuding shoulders tops in Fall

Linit tops are boldly denuding arms and shoulders not only in Summer but also in Fall. The only difference is that it is mild sexuality since the shoulder is not open completely but is shrouded in ruches and flounces. Only the upper part of the arm is open, the other parts are covered with fabric […]