Eclipsing the sun. Beauty and Maxi dresses

Fashion for femininity and the length of “maxi” did not go anywhere. In this season, designers again offer dresses… a lot of dresses. Choose long dresses with wide skirts and eclipse the sun.

Linen Maxi dresses from Linit are:

  • freshness of natural flax
  • unique design
  • embroidery richelieu
  • natural lace

You can wear them in different ways, Linit offers elegance and restraint in natural linen shades. Long dresses can make the image more feminine and romantic. You can look in this dress differently, if you choose the right accessories and place accents. Long dresses are well combined with large bags, scarves and glasses. Effectively looks combining with large jewelry and a hat. If you like the boho style, try on a long jeans jacket or vest with a long dress.

Dress Destini-2/1Dress Harmony-2Sundress Parma-2Sundress Audrey

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