Fall-Winter Color palette 2017-2018

Fashion red color palette: Grenadine

Red is not only the most exhilarating color but also the most trendy one in this fall-winter season. Scarlet dress Elma in Italian milled wool looks even more luxurious due to the ruffles and an applique.

Fashion blue color palette: Marina

One of the brightest and purest colors of the 2018 season is probably the color of sea harbor.

A classic deep blue dress Cadi-2 will refresh any image and make it even more interesting if completed with accessories such as a bead necklace, a necklace or a bright brooch.

Fashion blue color palette: Navy Peon

A neutral dark blue color is an ideal choice for fashionistas as it can be combined easily with any hue from grenadine to golden lime.

A wool sleeveless dress Jacqueline with a blouse will create a basic outfit and will fit perfectly in the autumn wardrobe!

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