Linen dresses design defines everything

Linit linen design belongs to a “smart” fashion where every element is thought through to the smallest detail. How do we do this? To create a perfect dress silhouette our designers work out proportions more thoroughly. Each model at production is tried on a particular woman. Flawless comfort is achieved due to precisely verified lines which help to reach an ideal shape.


A dress is not only a piece of clothing, it is a woman’s adornment. If you want to make the silhouette look visually longer, you should choose loose maxi items and garments with fasteners and slits. Such things will flatter you, besides it is very comfortable to walk in them! To make the figure look slimmer we use:

  • Vertical decorative stitching of different depth – it is a decorative element which visually elongates the silhouette.
  • Elastic bands at the sides emphasize the waistline.
  • Vertical side slits add lightweightness to the garment.
  • Inverted pleats create a “depth” effect and thus hide the volume.
  • Diverse asymmetrical pleats.

In combination with the comfort which provides linen fabric, our designer clothes make a splash! You will want to wear Linit clothing and will not want to take them off. Customers visit our shop because they know that they will definitely choose an item that will fit to their figure. And it will be perfect!


We pay a special attention to the depth of a cutout – we close the neck line at the back and gently open the décolleté zone. Models with central button closure visually elongate the silhouette. The other job is done by linen! It allows the skin to breathe and helps a woman look great and feel confident.

Our collection enumerates a very feminine dress “Liza” of pink grapes shade with a lace and high side slits. The silhouette is loose, the cut is straight. A smooth neckline in the shape of a heart is processed with a wide welt which is a highlight of the item.


The hourglass is a figure of super stars: Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bordeau, Catherine Deneuve, Gina Lollobrigida, Elizabeth Taylor. If nature has endowed you with an “hourglasses” figure, you are very lucky! We suggest you trying on luxurious dresses from our collection! These models feature lightness, airiness and fluidity. They will emphasize the slender waist and soft smooth transitions from the bustline to the hips.


You should choose a dynamic trapezoidal silhouette! For the first time a trapeze silhouette was created in 1958 by the French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. The lines smoothly diverge to the bottom from the shoulder or armhole and correct the natural shape of the figure. Our dresses emphasize the elegant beauty of the hips!


The most important thing in clothes for a person who appreciates quality is a feeling of comfort. Linen reaches this state itself! It creates the optimal body temperature and frees our movements from all “superfluous”. We went further and made our models even more comfortable by applying a “cunning” combination of linen with jersey. This “convenient” combination makes our clothes irreplaceable!

We believe that plus size women are beautiful and flawless! When choosing your style, you should remember that you are beautiful! In order to emphasize your natural beauty, we offer you more than 50 models of women’s dresses, different jackets, skirts, blouses, tunics, trousers, and cardigans!

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