New pajama style outfits

Linen fashion: Pajama Style

It is very difficult to mistake a pajama style for another style as it features a loose cut that does not hinder movements, natural but not transparent fabrics and a geometric print. We have taken care of the cute representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and created a new line of a cruise collection. It is an outfit that will gently and comfortably fit into your wardrobe and consists of a semi-fitted blouse and trousers. Striped linen fabric, a classically printed material for a pajama style, is embellished with rich embroidery on blouses, trousers and dresses.

Remarkably, amusing experiments with different directions of stripes in a cutout flatter the silhouette and make it complete. In addition, embroidery in the same color in a monochromatic blue color scheme from light blue to deep blue brings easiness and playful mood, besides it shows an aristocratic modesty of the owner of the garment. The embroidery print consists of stylized twigs, leaves, and flowers as if specially spread over the entire garment, which adds femininity and softly breaks the geometric pattern.

Anticipating new models: the pre-version of the collection will be complemented with a dress crafted from the same linen fabric with plant embroidery and similar pieces for your capsule wardrobe.

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