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Linen clothing meets the requirements of women all over the world and of different age. The first thing our customers say when they put on a new linen dress is that “I do not want to take it off!” There are positive changes in a woman, she likes her reflection in the mirror, she enjoys the feeling of freedom which linen gives her, she can see her beauty and attractiveness and becomes her own self! Wearing linen clothes is like diving in pleasant sea coolness after a hot day. But in fact, there is hard work behind the lightweightness which is linen popular for. It is not at all easy to turn this special material into really luxurious clothing. Only professionals work on creation of each model from Linit brand and think through each element. To achieve a perfect fit on the figure, we sew several samples and aim at an ideal match of the texture and color. How do we manage to achieve a better quality than other manufacturers?

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Everything starts with a blank white sheet of paper on which a sketch will soon appear. Every designer seeks to find something new in linen fabric and first of all they imagine a woman for whom they create a piece of clothing. Who is she? How will she look in this linen dress or suit? Can the dress hide the flaws of the figure and flatter the merits? You just need to attach the fabric to the mannequin and the image starts to revive and the linen reveals itself in its many-sided magnificence. This art requires not only skills, the fabric is also very important. And it should be of high quality. Linen conveys volumes, proportions and the beauty of nature especially well. Our task is to embody all this in clothes. And we are successful in it.

  1. At the initial stage of creating a garment a designer plays a major role – he/she creates a sketch, chooses fabric and garment accessories.
  2. Then an artist and a clothing constructor discuss the processing technology and create a layout. The main factor at this stage is a fit on the figure. If an item does not sit perfectly, the layout is created again.
  3. A special program develops a set of templates, the item is cut out after which a sample is sewn in the laboratory. A fitting of checked and striped clothing according to the print is a must. It is important to achieve a match and symmetry across all lines and prints.
  4. Then a second fitting is done on a standard figure. The clothing constructor makes necessary changes and a second sample is sewn.
  5. The clothing constructor makes a gradation according to sizes. The models are sewn in a size. If the garment has a large size range, we create 2-3 samples of one model.
  6. The ready-made garment is dyed by hand and undergoes a stone wash processing. Thanks to the processing technology our clothes do not have faulty seams. Linen, silk and lace are dyed together, as a result we have a complicated multi-textured garment of one color. We take care of the fabric as well of the environment, so we apply only natural dyes for coloring. After stone wash processing along the seams at the front side clothing acquires fashionable attrition and a deep color appears on the surface. The fabric becomes softer, textured and comfortable in wearing. You need not to iron the items – just steam them and smooth them with hands.
  7. Linen touches your feelings and evoke emotions by an unusual merge of prints, shapes, colors and combinations of fabrics. For embellishing the garments we use expensive Italian garment accessories and accessories which emphasize the beauty of the items. Buttons made of natural materials such as the Adriatic Sea shells or elements such as compound embroidery, the finest linen lace and three-dimensional appliqué – all these details make Linit clothing recognizable!

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Our clothing “dances” in the rhythms of modern life – it is very comfortable in wearing and it suits any occasion! We offer not just things but clothes that are made with a smile! We love it when our customers leave us happy and come back again to buy new outfits and gifts for their friends and relatives!

Linen, Love, Linit!


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    Awesome collection. The styles shared here with the linen fabric are so trendy. Thank you for all the details shared.

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